As a national advocate, we take a cross-cutting approach, refusing to accept silos and politics that divide us. Connections and collaboration are hallmarks of our work; grounded in our historic partnership with the 25 members of the Crittenton family of agencies, on-going diverse organizational partnerships, and our active membership in multiple specific and cross-sector coalitions, networks, and strategic alliances. Most importantly we are motivated and led by the wisdom of cis and trans girls, young women, and gender-expansive young people of color, who’ve experienced the compounding impact of multiple forms of oppression and injustice. The following represents a sampling of our past and current projects, research, and advocacy efforts.


Our project work is dedicated to ensuring that girls and gender-expansive young people have the information, support, and opportunities they need to heal, be safe, be free, and experience joy.


Our collaborative and participatory action research efforts are designed to address the significant gaps in the availability and use of intersectional data about girls and gender-expansive young people to help truly transform society.


We work to reshape and/or radially reimagine biased and broken policies, practices, and systems by centering the wisdom of those most impacted, as well as the expertise of providers and connecting on the ground local and state efforts to federal policy.