Agency Listing

The Crittenton family of agencies is located in 26 states and provides services in 31 states and the District of Columbia. Many of these agencies have multiple geographic locations. The city listed below for each agency represents the main administrative office. Services may be provided in neighboring states.

Arizona (Phoenix): Florence Crittenton Services of Arizona

California (Southern): Crittenton Services for Children and Families

California (San Francisco): Florence Crittenton Services

Washington, DC: Crittenton Services of Greater Washington

Colorado (Denver) –Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado

Florida (Winter Park)–Children’s Home Society of Florida

Georgia (Atlanta): Families First

llinois (Peoria) : Crittenton Centers

Iowa (Sioux City): Crittenton Center

Kansas (Topeka): Florence Crittenton Services of Topeka, Inc.

Kentucky (Lexington): Florence Crittenton Home and Services Inc.

Massachusetts (Boston): Crittenton Women’s Union

Massachusetts (Boston): Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corp

Mississippi (Jackson): Children’s Home Society

Missouri (Kansas City): Crittenton Children’s Center, Saint Luke’s Health System

Montana (Helena) –Florence Crittenton Home and Services

New York (New York):  Inwood House

North Carolina (Charlotte): Florence Crittenton Services

Ohio (Columbus): Directions for Youth and Families

Oregon (Portland): White Shield Center, Salvation Army Cascade Division

Pennsylvania (Erie): Perseus House

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia): Youth Service Inc.

South Carolina (Charleston): Florence Crittenton Programs of South Carolina

Tennessee (Chattanooga): Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults

Tennessee (Knoxville): The Florence Crittenton Agency, Inc.

Texas (Houston): DePelchin Children’s Center

West Virginia (Wheeling): Crittenton Services Inc.