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Dawn Schluckebier
11231 N Evergreen Dr
Birch Run, Michigan 48415
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: bio mom, bio dad
Location: Detroit , Michigan (Wayne)
Looking to locate any biological relatives. Bio mom named me Jane Ellen.
LuEllen Sundberg
207 3 rd Ave SW
Pocahontas, Iowa 50574
Home Phone: 7123581533
Work Phone: 7123581533
Cell Phone: 7123581533
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Any family
Location: Sioux City , Iowa (Woodbury)
lawrence ludwig
5261 89th Terrace N
Pinellas Park, Florida 33782
Home Phone: 727 546-5219
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: barbara carter birth mother
New York I was born in Greene County Memorial Hospital in the Catskill mountains of New York based on my birth certificate. I have no other information.
Jill Bryant- Altman
624 south main
Findlay, Ohio 45840
Work Phone: 419-422-8894
Cell Phone: 419-421-6080
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: half sister
Location: Toledo , Ohio (Lucus)
I am looking for my half sister that was born to Lillian Ellen Bryant, March 8,1940 at flower hospital in Toledo,Ohio. The name given at birth was Phyllis Jean Bryant. The name of the father was Everett Rogers. Both sides of the family are trying to locate Phyllis.Everett Rogers and Lillian Bryant Hines have both passed and their child have just find out about Phyllis and would love to make contact with her
Susanne Bradshaw
3602 Ledgestone Dr
Houston, Texas 77059
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Uncle's birth parents /birth certificate
Location: Denver , Colorado My aunt's husband (my uncle) was adopted as an infant in Denver. His date of birth we believe to be Oct 1, 1918. His adoptive father was Francis C Runnels and adoptive mother was Eva Runnels. My uncle's name given to him by his adoptive parents is ALBERT GRISWOLD RUNNELS. He had a sister named Betsy Ann who was a year younger than he. We are looking for his birth certificate and names of birth parents. He has been deceased since 1992.
Steve Rawnsley
Michigan Email:
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: Birth mother
Michigan Born 8-17-1952, Detroit Michigan and put up for adoption.
Sheri McEachern
29182 Grove St
Livonia, Michigan 48154
Cell Phone: 7345788263
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: brothers
Location: Detroit , Michigan (Wayne)
My mother had 3 children prior to 1960 born between 1955-1960 @Crittendon Hospital in Detroit, Michigan or Brent Hopital. Birth mother would of been Rose Marie Naftoli white DOB 12/27/1937 if you have a birthdate in the years between 1955-1960 please contact me. Mother has passed away in 1999 and my birth father just told me about my other siblings.
Michael Little
West Virginia Cell Phone: 301-401-1072
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Birth Parents or Siblings
Location: Washington DC or Silver Spring , District of Columbia I.S.O. birth family. I have always wondered where I came from. I would like to know my biological family. I was adopted by William and Shirley Little in Maryland. William was a pastor for a seventh day adventist church. I'm unsure if the information given to me about my adoption is accurate as my adoptive mother was boarderline abusive. My brother is also adopted. I was told I was in foster care for a couple of months and that the foster family called me by the name of Loren. Odd name for a boy. Please help me learn the truth surrounding my adoption. My phone number is 301-401-1072 My email address is
Marisa Gibbins
10251 W. 44th Ave #5-205
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033
Cell Phone: 720-202-8438
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: birth mother
Location: Denver , Colorado (Denver)
I was born 11/22/67 at Denver General Hospital. I was given up for adoption immediately after I was born. I have requested my adoption records from Denver Juvenile Court but have not received any information yet. I am not looking to uproot or disrupt anybody's life. I simply want to know the circumstances that led to my existence, to know what my bio parents are like, who i look like.
shannon mcdonald
4789 Jade Court
Lancaster, California 93536
Home Phone: 6614180241
Work Phone: 6614180241
Cell Phone: 6616749900
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: shannon mcdonald
Location: fullerton , California (orange)
I was a former resident of Florence Crittenton back in 1992 and I was a mess! I had my baby at 15(was pregnant at 14) but since then I have recieved my G.E.D., A.A., B.A., M.P.A., and a few class from a second master's degree. I now have 5 children and I am working on a book and career in politics. Florence Crittenton was a great place for me even though I was quite rebellious at the time. I was in the (ILC) Independent Living Center.
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