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Janette Money
6035 E. Casper Rd
Mesa, Colorado 85205
Home Phone: 4809873535
Work Phone: 4809873535
Cell Phone: 4809873535
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: My Son
Location: Denver , Colorado My son was born December 26, 1962 I would like to find him. I was in Florence Crittenton under the name of Janette Ellen Hootman. I am now single and retired as I am 72 this month. I never dreamed I would be this late looking for my son. I want to know if he is dead or alive and much more.
Margaret Rutledge
1459 SW Tyrone Terrace
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
Home Phone: 503-356-5601
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: Esther Ohlemiller
Location: Portland , Oregon (Multnomah)
My mother, Margaret Sarah Ohlemiller, was born at your hospital on July 6, 1914. Her birth certificate states that Anna Ohlemiller is her mother and H J McMahon is her father. I have proven by DNA, that Mr. McMahon is indeed her father. I have come to believe that Anna is not her mother, that her cousin (and adopted sister) is the actual mother. I am hopping that there are some type of records to prove this. All person involved have died. Mr. McMahon in 1932, Anna Ohlemiller in 1969, and Margaret Ohlemiller, (my mother) in 1983. Thank you for any help that can be provided.
David Edward Heiser SR
9 Botanica Court
Bluffton, South Carolina 129909
Home Phone: 843-705-9125
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Birth Father
Location: Helena , Montana (Lewis & Clark)
I only recently found out that I was probably born at Crittenton October 27, 1942. My Mother, Elizabeth Harriet Dragoo (now deceased) was at Florence Crittenton, Helena mid to late 1942. She was taken there by her half sister Winnefred (Winnie) of Helena. My mother became pregnant with me in or near Glasgow, MT. and moved to Helena where Winnie took her in. She eventually met and married Harold E Heiser of Helena and I was raised with his name. With them I have 4 half siblings. I don't know who my birth father is. Recent information suggests it was Walt Sonteng of or near Glasgow. I just want to know my full story, who I am, where I came from etc. All of the concerned adults of the time, as well as many of there children are now deceased. Thank you for any "history" you can/may provide to me. David E (Heiser) SR
Sarah Wiener
3666 Frederick Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
Home Phone: 734 663 0248
Cell Phone: 734 646 6438
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: birth mother or her family
Location: Washington , District of Columbia I was born September 1, 1950. I was adopted by Francis and Mary Chapelle through the Barker Foundation. I believe my birth mother was from New England. I would like to know the names of my birth parents and if I have siblings. Thank you.
Ryan Pfahler-Rutledge
Alabama Home Phone: 1 226 674 1510
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: Jessica Miller
Michigan Looking for my step-sister jessica Lynn Miller. possible D.O.B Aug 9,1989 or June 17,1988-89. Born with severe mental and pysical disabilities. Taken from her mother Lynn Miller 2003-2005 from the state.
Sherry Duffy McCoy
1154 Perregrine Circle W
Saint Johns , Florida 32259
Cell Phone: 904-219-9781
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: birth son
Location: Cleveland , Ohio (Cuyahoga)
Suzanne newman zelman
Ohio Email:
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: child male adopted
Location: Toledo , Ohio Mother
Gary Wagner
3905 Swanson Ct.
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408
Home Phone: 540-898-7415
Cell Phone: 540-226-1831
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: Birth Mother
Location: Washington, DC , District of Columbia
Laurie Weiser
2230 Park Crescent Drive
Land O Lakes, Florida 34639
Home Phone: 813-679-6430
Cell Phone: 813-679-6430
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: birth mother
District of Columbia I was born Nov. 14, 1961 at Bethesday Naval hospital. I was premature and was in the hospital until sometime in January, I believe. I was adopted January 30, 1962, by my adoptive parents, George thomas and Joyce A. Weiser. The agency that handled my adoption was Pierce-Warwick. I had contacted the agency about 22 years ago, and I was given non-identifying information about my birth parents. I am trying at this point not to necessarily contact my birth mother or father but to research my ancestry. Thank you!
Martha Karen McCullough Lovell
10018 Dunbarton Dr., SE
Huntsville, Alabama 35803-1214
Home Phone: 256-882-6343
Cell Phone: 256-653-2220
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: No one - records
Location: New Orleans , Louisiana My older sister, Leah Rae McCulloiugh, then a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, became pregnant at the age of 18 and was sent off when she was three months pregnant to New Orleans. My niece, Renee Claire Landreneau Brasseaux, was born July 13, 1968 there in New Orleans. Are there any records of my sister, Leah Rae McCullough, having given birth? If so, is there an original birth certificate that can be obtained??? I am in contact with my niece and we both would like a copy of Renee's original birth certificate if such a thing exists. Renee has an adoptive birth certificate. I am looking for this information for genealogical purposes. My sister, Leah Rae McCullough, was born August 31, 1948 in Memphis, Tennessee. I, her sister, was born October 14, 1950 in Nashville, Tennessee where we both grew up. At the time of my sister's pregnancy, our home address was 3210 Long Blvd., Nashville, TN 37203. I am trying to obtain a certified copy of my sister's birth certificate for genealogical purposes, but cannot do so without my niece's proof of being my sister's daughter.
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