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Lisa Crummie
13732 Bennington Blvd
Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
Cell Phone: 4402275884
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Joanne Marie Mitchell
Location: Akron , Ohio (Summit)
I was born on September 5, 1969 at Akron Hospital. The name on my birth certificate was Charla Ann Mitchell. I was adopted by 2 wonderful people and have had a blessed life. I am an only child and am wondering if I have any siblings. I am also curious who my father is and would like to thank my birth parents for giving me life.
Michelle Williams
Ohio Email:
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Ruth Ann Wolff
Location: Akron , Ohio (Summit)
I was born to Ruth Ann Wolff 5/13/1966 in Akron Ohio. She lived at the Crittenton Home in Akron Ohio at the time of my birth. My birth name was Susan Lynn Wolff. At this time I am only looking for more information.
Wanda White
17 Vera Cruz
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34951
Cell Phone: 863-709-4797
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: birth parents and or siblings
Location: Denver , Colorado (Denver)
My name is Wanda White, I was born in Denver Colorado on December 2 1947. I was supposedly adopted 13 days later by Harold and Edna White, Kit Carson Colorado. I was told I was adopted from the time I was a small child I was also told that I came from the Florence Crittenton home for unwed mothers. for years and years my adoptive mother said my option papers were missing. however a few years before she passed she gave me pages 2 through 5 of my adoption papers to read. I pointed out to her that this was only 4 pages of the original five and she told me that's all she had ever gotten. I find it hard to believe because it was a legal document and legal documents to begin on page 2. Those papers showed that my birth name was Betty Jo Harris and that I came from the Colorado home for abandoned and neglected children. I would really like to know where I came from and rather I have any living parent or siblings. I have needed medical information over the years but due to my status as an adoptee I have never found out anything I look forward to hearing from you
Donna Darling
California Home Phone: 9252281779
Cell Phone: 9254087505
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Virginia Russell Fielder
Location: San Francisco , California (San Francisco)
Virginia Russell Fielder was my grandmother. She stayed at the Florence Crittenton Home in San Francisco in 1928 and gave birth to my father, Jack Russell Fielder on April 22, 1928 at UCSF. She placed him up for adoption. I want to know if any records exist. I did get the Court to open the adoption file from the State but am in search of any more records. I am searching for the name or any information on the birth father. Please let me know if you have the records from San Francisco. Best Regards, Donna Darling
Susan Kasson-Kurilich
453 Baxter St
Medina, Ohio 44256
Home Phone: 727.418.7033
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: mother or siblings
Location: akron , Ohio (summit)
Born Stephanie Miller Schamlo June 9 1958. Believe I have older siblings and would like any family health information. If by chance birth mother is still living would like her to know my adopting parents were WONDERFUL.Thank you for looking out for my best interests.
Karen Wood
56 Stevens Drive
Brentwood, New Hampshire 03833
Cell Phone: 603-770-6245
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Adoptee. Son
Location: Brighton , Massachusetts (Suffolk)
I was 16 yrs old, unwed and surrendering my son for adoption. He was born 8/21/1963. I was not awake for the birth, saw no birth certificate and do not have specific time of birth,at or attending physician. I was at the Boston Lying In hospital in Boston.mbirth name given to my son was Peter Sean Wood. Church Home Society facilitated the adoption, final surrender papers were signed by me in Nov.,1963 I beleive.
Jodie Henry
Alabama Email:
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: birth mother
District of Columbia I was born Feb 9th 1966 female I am looking for my birth mother and had been told to reach out to this agency in the possibility she had stayed here during her pregnancy
Debra Cryer
1106 S Superior Rd.
White Oak, Texas 75693
Home Phone: 9039173633
Work Phone: 9039173633
Cell Phone: 9039173633
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: adoptee
Location: Mobile , Alabama I am looking for my daughter . I am sure the birth certificate has been severely changed but I remeber this July 31 date like it was yesterday. I am seriously ill and would like to find her if she is looking. The adoption was thru Crittentons...or CHS of Florida.
kim lindsey
3696 shining star drive
sacramento, California 95823
Home Phone: 9163176376
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: My half sister
Location: savannah , Georgia My mother is Jeannie Wong (maiden). Her married name Jeannie Danahey, I found out when I was 20 I have a half sister that was put up for a closed adoption she is Chinese and Italian. My mother went to the Florence Crittenden in Savannah to give birth and have her adopted out. I believe her birth year was between 1964 and 1967 my mom won't tell me.much and cries every time I try to ask her. Her name was Denise Michelle, Renee Michelle or Renee Michelle I did not recall the exact name or order but could have changed when adopted. My mom DoD meet the adopted parents. I have tried to find her with the little information I have and have not had any luck. I have an older sister and a daughter. I Am married and would love to find my sister and introduce her to her long lost family.
Anita Kiefer
17117 Tecumseh DR
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895
Cell Phone: 419-296-3342
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Birth mother
Location: Akron , Ohio (Summit)
Im searching for my birth mom..Her name was Lois Ryder at the time. I was born May 4, 1967 at Akron City Hospital. Before adoption my name was Anita Sue Ryder....Lois stayed at the Crittenden House . Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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