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christine Mckim
508 crosswind dr
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034
Home Phone: 9044911445
Work Phone: 9044911445
Cell Phone: 9044911445
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: birth father, brother, aunts or uncles
District of Columbia I was adopted through Catholic Chariities at the age of 3 months. I was born on July 5th at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring Maryland. Several years ago I petioned the courts and was granted. However my mother whom they found would not divulge my fathers name, nor my half brother or any of her family brothets or sisters. I am married to an only child and my adopted mother has stage 3 C ovarian cancer. If I could only find my half siblings names I would be happy. He would be about 39 now and old enough to decide for him self. I am a college graduate with Bs in Psycology and. Ba in Art. Thank you for any help
Karen O'Neal Lackie
8331 Azalealake Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810
Home Phone: 225-767-6898
Work Phone: 225-938-6157
Preferred Method of Contact: Mail
Looking For: Birthmother
Location: Norfolk , Virginia I was born April 7, 1956 in Norfolk, Virginia. It was through Crittenton Home, I was adopted through the state of Virginia. My natural mother was around 28. She thought she was married to my birth father but found out he had another wife and family. Bb My parents adopted me in November 1956. Their names are Floyd Wendell O'Neal and Martha Christine Odeneal O'Neal. The attorneys were NUSBAUM AND ALFRIEND SUITE 420 Royster Bldg Norfolk 10, VA Birth registration filed 4-19-56 Vol.6545 No.145 56 022 636
Steven Dudeck
Alabama Cell Phone: 323-217-2093
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: My Female Adopted Sister
Location: Sioux City , Iowa (Woodbury)
My name is Steven Dudeck. I'm looking for my older sister. She was given up for adoption by my mother Barbara Jo Dudeck (Mugge) in July or August of 1963. She was born at St. Vincent's hospital, which is now the Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City Iowa. My mother was staying at the Florence Crittendon Home before the birth. The birth father's name is most likely Edward Reinders from Ruthven, Iowa. There is a possibility that his name is Gary Anderson. My mother had been attending private vocational school in Omaha, NE when she got pregnant. She moved to Chicago first before being brought back to Sioux City by Barb's parents, Robert and Marilyn Mugge along with her sisters, Kathy Goeken (Mugge) and Robin (Galm, Roberts) Mugge. My mother was born on December 24, 1944 in Spencer, Iowa.
Jeanne Hall-Nieto
Colorado Email:
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: baby boy born on September 13,1968
Location: Denver , Colorado My nephew was born on September 13,1968, mother was Wendy Andrews, father was James Hall, adopted parents unknown. Would love to connect with this man.
Erik Mielzarek
P.O. Box 123
Yellow Spring, West Virginia 26808
Home Phone: 304-620-3430
Work Phone: 304-620-3140
Cell Phone: 304-620-3430
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: Birth Parents
Location: Washington , District of Columbia My legal name is Erik Paul Mielzarek (that name was given to me by my adopted parents). I was adopted near my birth date of August 11th, 1971. I was born at Cafritz Memorial Hospital In Washington, DC. My adopted parents are listed on my birth certificate. I was born at 327am. That's ALL I know. I am currently, petitioning the DC court for my OBC (my current BC is dated a few weeks after my birth). I am also petitioning the Prince George County (MD) Orphan Court-I am apparently listed in that system, so I must have passed through there at some point.
Tammy Hawley
1022 10th ave. s.e. L4
Puyallup, Washington 98372
Cell Phone: 920-277-5020
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: my brother / sister
Location: Seattle , Washington (king)
my birth name is Tammy Lynn Staeger i am 1/4 kids born to Holly Lynn Stevens/summers-Staeger i am married with 5 kids 5 grandkids and 2 more on the way and i am all about family thats why my mom's dying wish for me was to find my brother that her mom forced her to give up for adoption when she was a teenager and to let him know there wasn't a day that went by that r mom didn't think of you or love you ! I have been searching for my sibling for 16 years my mom was told by her mom she had a boy but my grandpa said no a girl so with this confusion its getting harder ! i found the father and aunts and uncles so i hope i can find you this way !
Suzanne Leto
9 OakCrest Drive, Apt 7
Carpentersville, Illinois 60110
Home Phone: 1-847-844-0929
Work Phone: N/A
Cell Phone: 1-615-416-0900
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: Randy Bredette Pick
Location: Brighton , Massachusetts (United States)
In July 1963 having served 3 years in the Navy, I ended up getting pregnant,in Portsmouth,NH,it was the end of my enlistment.back then you could not be pregnant/and un married to re-enlist. I entered the Florence Crittenton ,at 10 Perthshire in Brighton, Massachusetts, I think it was called Hastings House.on September 18,1963 I gave birth to a son, Randy Bredette Pick,we were together the first 7 day at the home at 10 Perthshire.i did not have the support from my parents back then, so after a baby dedication to The Lord, Randy was placed for adoption.both my parents have died , my dad in Oct 2007, my mother Oct 2009 at 91. I am now free to search for my son,Randy
irene reith
8808 oday rd.
ft wayne, Indiana 46818
Home Phone: 260 489-5767
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Looking For: My cousin's baby boy
Location: Atlanta , Georgia My cousin, Nancy Taylor Harold, gave up a baby boy for adoption through this agency in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born on March 27 1969. She now is very sick, does not have a computer, and is not able to make calls. She has no other immediate family and has been wondering about her only baby. She was able to hold him once and he had dark red hair. She wondered if he would want knowledge about his medical history or knowledge about the his birth family. She wondered if maybe he might be looking for her. I told her I would contact you for her.
Leigh Ann Hobgood Cain
North Carolina Cell Phone: 336-324-1357
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: birth parents
District of Columbia My mother was at the Florence Crittenton home in Washington DC. I was born March 15, 1962. I was adopted through the Peirce-Warwick Adoption Service of the Washington Home for Foundlings. My Adoption order was signed 4/17/62, and became final 10/17/62. I was adopted by Clarence E. and Nellie Breedlove Hobgood. If you have any information about my birth parents, I would love to hear from you. Thank you!
Charles Brown
126 Forestbrook Dr.
Madison, Alabama 35757
Home Phone: 256-683-0688
Work Phone: 256-489-4151
Cell Phone: 256-683-0688
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Looking For: Bonnie Dean Elis
Location: Mobile , Alabama (Mobile)
I was born December 17, 1965. I now have a son and am doing family research and would like to obtain the information. for family genetic purposes. I have been very happy in my life and am not looking to complicate my life or the life of anyone else. I am undecided about personal contact, however I would not discount that possibility either.
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